Non-Formal Education Initiatives in Bali to Enhance Skills and Confidence

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Karuna Bali Foundation

16 May 2024

Non-Formal Education Initiatives in Bali to Enhance Skills and Confidence

Amid the beauty and cultural charm of Bali, Campuhan College emerges as one of the non-formal educational institutions offering opportunities for the community to enhance their skills and confidence. As part of the Karuna Bali Foundation, Campuhan College aims to provide short and practical education that can help individuals face life's challenges and achieve their best potential. In this article, we will discuss what makes Campuhan College unique and how this institution contributes to the empowerment of the Balinese community.

Focus on Relevant and Practical Education

Campuhan College offers short courses in English and computer skills. Its main focus is on providing relevant and practical education, helping participants develop useful skills for daily life and professional environments. These courses are designed to offer a fun and interactive learning experience, allowing students to acquire new skills effectively.

English Courses

One of the flagship programs of Campuhan College is the short English course. This program is designed to help students improve their English language skills with a fun and creative approach. Students also have the opportunity to practice with native speakers, providing a different and more practical learning experience. These classes have a flexible schedule with three meetings per week, allowing students to practice more intensively.

Basic Computer Courses

In addition to English courses, Campuhan College also offers basic computer courses. This program is designed to provide an introduction to the use of computers and office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. Students are taught basic skills that can help them in work environments and daily activities.

Commitment to Individual Potential Development

Campuhan College is committed to helping individuals achieve their best potential. With an approach based on the belief that every student has natural knowledge and creativity, this institution provides an environment that supports personal growth and development. Placement tests are conducted before classes begin to ensure each student is placed at a level appropriate to their ability, ensuring an effective and continuous learning process.

The Impact of Campuhan College on the Bali Community

Through short English and computer courses, Campuhan College has had a positive impact on the Balinese community. Many students have successfully improved their skills and become more confident in communication and work. Additionally, the safe and inclusive atmosphere at Campuhan College helps create an environment that supports growth and collaboration.

With an innovative approach and focus on developing practical skills, Campuhan College provides individuals in Bali with the opportunity to enhance their abilities and achieve their goals. This is evidence that non-formal education can play a crucial role in community empowerment and encourage positive change.


Campuhan College, as part of the Karuna Bali Foundation, demonstrates that non-formal education can significantly impact individuals and communities. With a focus on relevant skills and a supportive learning environment, Campuhan College helps the Balinese community improve their skills, confidence, and ability to face the future with confidence and optimism.