The Role of Karuna Bali Foundation in Creating Opportunities for Youth

The Role of Karuna Bali Foundation in Creating Opportunities for Youth logo

Karuna Bali Foundation

16 May 2024

The Role of Karuna Bali Foundation in Creating Opportunities for Youth

Bali, an island known for its culture and natural beauty, also faces challenges in terms of education and youth empowerment. In this context, the Karuna Bali Foundation has become one of the organizations playing a crucial role in providing educational and training opportunities for the younger generation. This article discusses how the Karuna Bali Foundation contributes to educational transformation in Bali and its impact on the future of youth.

Alternative Education for Balinese Youth

The Karuna Bali Foundation was established with the vision of providing alternative education that supports self-development and skills for youth in Bali. One of the foundation's flagship programs is Capung Melajah, which has two sub-departments: Youth Program and Life Skill.

Youth Program: Providing Scholarships and Training

The Youth Program offers the Yowana Kreatif scholarship to young people aged 18-22 who are highly motivated to build confidence and develop their life goals. This program gives youth the opportunity to face challenges and become positive change agents in their communities. The scholarship includes training and support designed to help youth grow into better individuals.

Life Skill: Skills for Daily Life

The Life Skill sub-department provides life skills training for the general public. This training is based on the Living Values Education (LVE) approach, which helps individuals understand core values and apply them in their daily lives. The program includes workshops and training aimed at empowering participants with practical skills and a better understanding of themselves.

Impact on Educational Transformation in Bali

The Karuna Bali Foundation not only provides traditional education but also helps youth find their direction and life goals. With a values-based approach and a focus on self-development, the foundation has made a significant positive impact on the Balinese community.

The scholarships and training provided by the foundation have helped many young people face life challenges and change their life direction. Through these programs, the Karuna Bali Foundation demonstrates that alternative education can be an effective means to support social transformation and empower individuals.


The Karuna Bali Foundation is an example of how alternative education can provide opportunities and empower youth to achieve their best potential. With a unique approach and focus on natural values, the foundation has created a lasting positive impact in Bali. Programs like Capung Melajah not only provide education but also open doors for the younger generation to find their purpose and become agents of change in society.